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The AnalyticsCreator Data Warehouse Automation Congress 22. Join Now!

The AnalyticsCreator Data Warehouse Automation Congress 22. Join Now!
Biljana Ilic Oct 26, 2022

Ready for the AnalyticsCreator Congress 2022? Stay tuned ☺

Fourth year in the row AnalyticsCreator will host a number of partners and customers who will share their stories about the advantages of this one-of-the-kind data warehouse automation tool.

AnalyticsCreator is a Software that helps you to connect your existing Systems (e.g., CRM, ERP, Company Database) and transform the Data into a separated data storage, so that it is helpful e.g., by displaying the Data on Graphical - Dashboard, in Reports and for Planning purposes. The common conventional process is named ETL – Extrat Transform and LOAD.
AnalyticsCreator is a tool for developers. Nevertheless, Business Analysts are being trained while using resources such as: videos, Wiki, standard books, free self-study for which certification is being issued.

In the era of global economic pressure, when everybody is seeking for more productive ways how to achieve higher targets in a hybrid environment, data automation is the key enabler. AnalyticsCreator Congress 2022 is the right place to stay in touch with innovations that could launch your business to the next level.
In this post we’ll provide overview of AnalyticsCreator Annual Congress 2021 and endue you with announcement of AnalyticsCreator Congress 22 key benefits for your business.

AnalyitcsCreator Congress


AnalyticsCreator Congress 2021 – key figures

During two days tracks in November 2021, AnalyticsCreator registered around 200 people from the industry audience, with five speakers that brought into attention key values which AnalyticsCreator secured against their business.

You can find full five-part video program at our YouTube channel. In addition, we are bringing to your attention segment about data warehouse automation at a big German insurer.

AnalyticsCreator Congress 2022

Now, we are all ready for the 2022 Congress with new and exciting opportunities for everybody to meet and exchange ideas.

Are you CEO, BI developer or analytics working with a lot of financial data?
Perhaps, you are the beginner and want to learn how to create a data analytics platform automatically?

For this year we have prepared interesting online agenda with lot of interesting speakers, from Exxeta and xax to Kulmbacher Brauerei, BI SAMURAI and others - you can learn from our experiences - how to overcome some of the industry challenges in the field of BI and Analytics. 

Meet our speakers:

BI Samurai

Vlad Mihanta,
Power BI consultant

xaxxax GmbH,
Tobias Klinkenberg,


Kulmbacher Brauerei AG,
Henrik Bauer,
Head of Datawarehouse

ExxetaExxeta, AG,
Philipp Michalik,
Data Engineering


Alexander Zeitler,
Senior Developer and Consultant Business Intelligence


Here you can find preliminary agenda, there will be some updates, but you can secure your free seat now.

Our team members, Peter Smoly CEO and Dimitri Sorokin CTO will lead you through the event.

Peter will speak about which strategies can help customers to achieve a long-term success. Strategically proofed path contains 4 dimensions: processes, people, technology and governance which are the building blocks, but also which processes have to be established. Especially, which properties the technologies should have that suit in the strategy.

Dimitri is demonstrating, for all attendees which have not seen AnalyticsCreator before, a live presentation of the main topics of AnalyticsCreator. He will also speak about the achievements from the year 2022 and the new roadmap for 2023. One of the focus areas is also interesting MS Power BI offering, which AnalyticsCreator supports.

AGENDA 1: THURSDAY 10. November

08:45 Welcome from pre-hosts, AnalyticsCreator marketing and sales team!

09:00 Welcome & Introduction of AnalyticsCreator for the new audiences

  • Speakers: Eren Taylan and Biljana Ilic

  • Speakers: Peter Smoly, CEO and Dimitri Sorokin, CTO

09:20 How do you achieve a sustainable and long-term strategy for data analytics

  • Speaker: Peter Smoly, CEO

09:40 Introduction AnalyticsCreator from the green field

  • Live presentation with new Features from the last 12 months

  • Speaker: Dimitri Sorokin, CTO

  • Q&A

10: 10 Short Break 

10: 15 Using the full Power of Power BI Premium

  • Automated creation and deployment of Power BI cloud models

  • Migrate from on-premises to cloud and from Tabular and OLAP models to Power BI

  • Speaker: Dimitri Sorokin, CTO

11: 00 Break

11:15 Modernization of a Data Warehouse, Customer success

  • by Kulmbacher Brauerei AG

  • How to avoid designing thousands of repository objects by hand:

  • Generating AnalyticsCreator Repository from Datawarehouse Metadata

  • Speaker: Henrik Bauer, Kulmbacher Brauerei AG, Head of Datawarehouse, Lead Software Architect

  • Speaker: Alexander Zeitler, IUVOPOINT GmbH, Senior Developer and Consultant Business Intelligence

12:00 Modelling approaches with Data Vault 2.0 and AnalyticsCreator hybrid approach

  • by Exxeta, AG

  • Speaker: Philipp Michalik, Data Engineering. He will talk about the core concepts of Data Vault 2.0 and show in which situation this data warehouse model can be used and which advantages it offers. In addition, he will demonstrate how to use the Analytics Creator as a fast and efficient way to model a hybrid Data Warehouse.

12:30 Q&A and closing first day

  • Please post your questions in the MS Teams chat

13:00 End

AGENDA 2: FRIDAY 11. November

09:00 Welcome and summary of the day before

  • Speakers: Eren Taylan and Biljana Ilic

  • Speakers: Peter Smoly, CEO and Dimitri Sorokin, CTO

09:15 Power BI Embedded

  • Opportunities and benefits using this latest Microsoft offering

  • by BI SAMURAI, speaker: Vlad Mihanta, Power BI consultant. Let us hear Vlad's message: "As a data analytics professional for over 5 years, it is my belief that embedded analytics is the future of analytics. Every data-driven company will be able to retain and increase both their user base and revenues if they manage to embed analytics in their own platforms.The good news is that embedded analytics is easier now to develop than a few years back. Moreover, it is far cheaper and faster to develop than traditionally, through custom development. We will look at a few creative ways we can develop embedded analytics with Power BI, the leading BI solution on the market and explore ways you can benefit from it."

09:45 Partnership with CData - Connect to +250 data sources

  • Speaker: Eren Taylan 

10:00 Short brake

10:05 AnalyticsCreator Roadmap 2023

  • Speakers: Dimitri Sorokin, CTO and Peter Smoly, CEO

10:30 The essential base for a successful digitization of your controlling

  • by Partner xax: Analytics Creator: The essential base for a successful digitization of your controlling (30 min.)

  • Speaker: Tobias Klinkenberg, CEO

11:00 Q&A and Conference Closing

11:15 End

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Annual AnalyticsCreator Congress 2022, data automation

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You are welcome!

What can you expect from the November 10th Annual Congress?
A lot of excellent speakers from the industry who will share their experiences with AnalyticsCreator, but also within the industry. You can learn from their experiences - how to overcome some of the industry challenges.

AnalyticsCreator will provide an overview of the year, key achieved milestones, introduce 2023 roadmap, share several success stories prepared together with the Partners.
Industry experts will speak about novelties in Microsoft Power BI.
You are interested in specific topic? Please, contact us and we will introduce you to the live program,

Don’t forget to subscribe to AnalyticsCreator Annual Congress 2022!
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Event offers the opportunity for customers, partners and interested parties to network and engage in a lively exchange with the AnalyticsCreator team.

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Meet the team:

Ellipse 307

Mr. Peter Smoly CEO

Peter Smoly is a serial entrepreneur in the Data Warehouse and Business Analytics as well software development. All together more than 25 years’ experience as a founder, CEO, project manager and consultant.


Mr. Dimitri Sorokin CTO

Dimitri Sorokin, PhD electrical engineering,  has more than 30 year IT experience. As a CIO in global operating companies, Head of development, BI and data warehouse consulting and Analytics tool development.