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AnalyticsCreator leads a way in the BARC DWH Management survey 4 years

AnalyticsCreator leads a way in the BARC DWH Management survey 4 years
Eren Taylan Aug 29, 2022


AnalyticsCreator automates the whole life-cycle of a #dwa - the design, the development, the deployment and the change process. You will gain significant time & cost reduction, lower project risks, higher transparency, safety compliance and more. Customers report up to 10 times faster results.

AnalyticsCreator ultrafast-prototyping supply your business with a powerful tool to show results in days not in weeks. In fact, AnalyticsCreator generates code for all data management needs through your analytical frontend, like Power BI, Tableau, Qlik and more. AnalyticsCreator is made for Azure SQL DB or Azure data warehouse and also for on-premise MS SQL.

AnalyticsCreator took part of the BARC Data Management Survey for 4 years now and was classified as ‘Top-ranked’ in almost all positions in the respective areas. We see us in the leading position in overall 4 years since today.
BARC Business Application Research Center is one of Europe’s analyst firms for business software.
BARC studies are based on internal market research, software tests and analyst the right decisions.


BARC The Data Management Survey 23 – more top ranked key positions achieved!

In the 2023 BARC report, AnalyticsCreator once again have received excellent marks, now in 11 fields!

AnalyticsCreator have been highly recommended from Partners and customers. Some CEO’s are saying that they are keen on price-performance ratio, other, mainly data engineers are saying that the software is simple to use and very flexible. Others, again, highly recommend AnalyticsCreator motivated team - of which we are especially proud🤗

AnalyticsCreator is customer-centric company - 100% oriented toward customer satisfaction.

Customers are happy that both the AnalyticsCreator and product deliver what they promise. AnalyticsCreator scored the first place in the very tough competition of our respected competitors.

AnalyticsCreator provides both technical and business support. A free forum is also available where customers can ask questions and exchange advice and tips.

We are sure that you want to learn more about the reasons why AnalyticsCreator looks that good in the eyes of Partners and customers😎

We are inviting you to download the BARC 2023 study: BARC - The Data Management Survey 23

For more information:



Let’s have a look at The BARC Data Management Survey 23 results together


We are the best;

You can compare us with our competitors on barc's data management software comprasion page. We got the best results in our industry and became the most successful DW Automation platform of survey!



Customer Satisfaction;

As Analyticscreator, our priority is customer satisfaction. Our goal is not to sell as many licenses to as many customers as possible, but to provide the best experience for all of our customers.

AnalyticsCreator AnalyticsCreator

                     Customer Experience Results                                                             Customer Satisfaction Results 

AnalyticsCreator                      AnalyticsCreator


Time to Market;

The Time to Market KPI is based on how users rate their tool in terms of efficiency and agility to adapt to new requirements. AnalyticsCreator fully meets expectations in terms of functionality, and our plattform shorten noticeably the expected implementation time, according to a customer, “at least by a factor of 4”. The solution supports fast prototyping and subsequent changes can be made easily.

AnalyticsCreator and BARC


Support Quality;

Analyticscreator had no negative Feedback in the Survey and had the best score again!




Development Efficiency;

Analyticscreator supports data warehouse designers with a mainly configuration-based template approach to development, which, according to users, eliminates much manual work.

Analyticscreator is regularly developed for users to work more effectively in less time. Our users have also confirmed our success in the survey.



Product Enhancement;

The Product Enhancement KPI is based on how users rate their tool in terms of product enhancements (i.e., adoption of market trends, meeting user requirements, innovative functionality in the tool, quality of product feature roadmap).

AnalyticsCreator is committed to Microsoft, offering a deep and seamless integration into the Microsoft products and ecosystem, and providing prompt support for new Microsoft releases.

At the moment, we are putting a lot of effort into optimizing its support for Azure products (e.g., Synapse Analytics). We will continue to improve the functionallity of our product.




Analyticscreator is the best automation in DW Automation! Our clients ranked us with 10/10.




AnalyticsCreator is extending its platform’s functionality and its focus on tight integration with the Microsoft ecosystem. New features in the pipeline include additional collaborative features, better integration with Microsoft DevOps and support for Azure Data Factory 2.0. A Snowflake integration is also on the roadmap, as well as improved support for Microsoft Synapse and a promising partnership with CData that will extend the list of available connectors significantly.




The Connectivity KPI is based on how users rate their tool in terms of connectivity to data sources/targets and interfaces to integrate in ecosystems.

47 percent of our customers cited ‘connectivity to source/target systems’ as a significant reason why they chose to buy AnalyticsCreator. The Microsoft portfolio supports data management products as well as user tools (on-premises and in the cloud) but the generation of other models for non-Microsoft products such as Tableau and Qlik Sense is also supported.




Analyticscreator is open and customizable. The abstraction of development from operations allows flexible adjustments and customizations and increases adaptability. Openness is another of the topics we are leading. You can easily adapt Analyticscreator to companies' processes and systems.



Technical Capability;

AnalyticsCreator’s capabilities for automation and metadata-driven development, which can decisively reduce time-to market, are the dominant reasons why customers choose us.





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Peter Smoly is a serial entrepreneur in the Data Warehouse and Business Analytics as well software development. All together more than 25 years’ experience as a founder, CEO, project manager and consultant.


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Dimitri Sorokin, PhD electrical engineering,  has more than 30 year IT experience. As a CIO in global operating companies, Head of development, BI and data warehouse consulting and Analytics tool development.