New connector for exporting data from DWH to many target systems

New connector for exporting data from DWH to many target systems
Peter Smoly Sep 14, 2022

With the latest version of AnalyticsCreator you are able to generate Azure Data Factory pipelines and also SSIS packages to export data from your data warehouse to external databases.  

AC support any OLEDB or ODBC driver functionality for this export. The suitable driver will write data in your target system.  
As well CSV, text files and Azure blob storage is supported, too.

What can you achieve:

  • This functionality supports you to create a data lake in Azure or somewhere else in the cloud.
  • Export data into the CSV files and upload these files into the cloud services like Google Query, AWS or Microsoft Data Lake
  • You are able to export the data of your top layer (e.g. data mart) to a analytical database like thoughtspot or snowflake or terradata, ..  
  • Export your data in a planning solution like Acterys, IBM Planning Analytics TM1, Lucanet, ..
  • Transition of data to other ML and AI applications (you can use ML and AI directly in Microsoft Azure and SQL databases).
  • Export data back into your source databases. It can help you to use data transformed and calculated in the data warehouse in your client applications.

For more information, please have a look at the AnalyticsCreator YouTube channel: New connector for exporting data from data warehouse to many target systems

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