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Any data source
any frontend

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Any data source can be used to store it in the data warehouse for further processing by Analytics Creator, provided that it is approved by Microsoft technology. In principle, all data sources supported by Microsoft can also be processed by Analytics Creator.
You can also use any Analytics/BI front end or various spreadsheet programs (Excel) for this purpose. Special support is available for Power BI, QlikSense, Tableau.
Analytics Creator automatically generates all three models simultaneously.

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Data Model

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The focus is on a holistic graphical data model that extends from management and the business departments to development.
It does not matter whether the developers are located in-house or externally at a consulting firm or offshore.
There are several multiuser collaboration options

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Free Use after
Subscription ends

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Yes, you have read correctly. We don't want to make you dependent on this technology, as unfortunately most other providers try to do.
We have designed AnalyticsCreator in such a way that you can use the generated code without AnalyticsCreator during the data processing.
Also you are able to adapt the code by yourself without AC.

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Use Cases

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New Construction of Data Analytics Platform

Sometimes it is easer and more efficient to build something new to aim the benefits of automated life-time cycles.

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Shift your Data Analytics to Azure cloud

Using predefined and custom design patterns, get a fast shift to the Azure data platform.

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Modernize your Data Analytics Platform

Helps you transition to a modern data warehouse and data lake architecture by adopt the existing base.

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Using a Data Analytics Platform for Power BI

Get more out of your Power BI application and automatically generate data pipelines, data warehouses and Power BI models.

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Data Vault 2.0 - Integrate & Switch to

Generate the Data Vault 2.0 modelling approach using wizard suggestions.

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Create a Data Analytics Platform from SAP Sources in the Microsoft BI Stack

Transforming seamless and automated, structure and data in a modern Microsoft Azure data warehouse architecture.

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Data Lakehouse Automation (DLA)

Generating a hugely powerful and flexible data lakehouse with common design patterns.

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Data export

Using the generated Data Warehouse beyond the Microsoft approach.

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Azure Synapse Analytics

In certain cases it makes sense to use the Azure Synapse approach.

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Tableau push

Connect with Tableau to Microsoft Azure Analytics, the model will published automatically to Tableau.

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Driving Data Engineering Innovation Since 2017


Dev. Years






ETL Generated



Proven and trusted technology used in many hundreds of projects since 2004. One person you can do what 5 Experts can do in the same time.

For decision makers

For developers


Save Time and Money

  • Achieve results in hours, not days.
  • Realize goals in days, not extensive weeks.


  • Ist's made for experts and for non experts.
  • In a couple of days the expert is able to perform a project.

Reduce Your Risks

  • Finish with the nightmare of never-ending projects and changing requirements.
  • You will have a clear time-horizon over your project upfront.

Modern standards

  • Have access to state-of-the-art methods and architectures like Data Vault, cloud solutions, near-real- time, etc.

Work agile

  • Change any time and anywhere the holistic data model, code will be generated instantly

Compliance & Governance

  • Automated documentation and a powerful Data Lineage brings transparency for all stakeholders
  • Top-Down and Bottom Up modeling

Stay Independent

  • The result is yours.
  • Feel free to use the generated code for whatever you want, as long as you want. Even your subscription has expired

Individual adaption

  • Add your own code, do your own design, use powerful macros.


  • Tested code, GDPR protection, encrypt data, recovery mechanism, etc.

Reuse previous investment

  • Your previous investment in a data warehouses/storages can be completed and reused.

Easy handover

  • If the consultant changes to another, everything is documented and clear described.

Independence from technology

  • Don't care about fast changing technology. 
  • From the AC holistic data model you are able to generate the suitable code for new technology.



AnalyticsCreator not only frequently achieves first place in the Data Management Survey, but also got a maximum score of 10/10 in six of the KPIs in 2024, which is a remarkable achievement. 89% of the users surveyed reported having no significant problems with the software, which is an unusually high proportion.


Dr. Carsten Bange

CEO, BARC Research


AnalyticsCreator significantly accelerated the development of our central data warehouse, bringing us a major step closer to achieving a unified data interface for powerful analytics.


Peter Mazoll

Head of BI


I highly recommend AnalyticsCreator for companies seeking to streamline their data warehousing and business intelligence processes. It's a remarkably efficient product that empowers users to industrialize these critical services.


Antoine Girard

Head of Business Intelligence


AnalyticsCreator empowered us to become data experts, confident in our ability to analyze and utilize our information

Michael Sonnleitner

Michael Sonnleitner

Data Warehouse Manager


AnalyticsCreator slashed our data warehouse development time by a staggering 80%. This incredible efficiency allows us to focus on more strategic initiatives.

Project Manager

BI Lead


AnalyticsCreator has revolutionized data warehouse development and maintenance for our team. It's incredibly user-friendly, taking us to a whole new level of ease and efficiency.


Alexander Schätzle

IT Director EMEA


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