Demo: customer in the construction engineering industry


During this demo, BI Automation GmbH showcased the process of setting up historization concepts using AnalyticsCreator. Historization is the process of capturing and storing data over time, which allows for the analysis of changes and trends in the data over a specific period.

AnalyticsCreator offers an easy and efficient way to set up historization concepts, allowing users to identify changes in their data quickly. The process involves defining key fields to track changes, such as dates or version numbers, and setting up rules to capture changes to these fields.

Once the historization concepts are in place, AnalyticsCreator automatically tracks changes to the specified fields and stores the data in a historical data warehouse. This data can be used to track trends and changes over time, which can be valuable in identifying patterns and making informed business decisions.

Overall, the historization process is a crucial step in data warehousing, and AnalyticsCreator makes it easy for users to set up and maintain this process.

By using AnalyticsCreator, the customer was able to set up a data warehouse in hours instead of days, which significantly reduced the time and costs associated with traditional data warehousing processes. This enabled them to focus on analyzing data and gaining insights that they could use to drive business growth.

If you're interested in learning more about how AnalyticsCreator can help your business streamline its data warehousing processes, please don't hesitate to reach out.