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Video Rapid prototyping: the Secret to Agile Data Warehouse Design


in today's data-driven world, businesses need to be able to make informed decisions quickly. But with the ever-growing volume and complexity of data, traditional data warehouse design methods can be slow and cumbersome. That's where rapid prototyping comes in.

Rapid prototyping is an iterative approach to data warehouse design that allows you to quickly build and test a working prototype of your data warehouse. This enables you to get feedback from stakeholders early on and make changes as needed, ensuring that you end up with a data warehouse that meets your specific needs.

In this video, together with the team from d-fine, we showed how to use AnalyticsCreator to rapidly prototype a data warehouse using a real-world example. We covered everything from connecting to your source data to creating a fully automated data warehouse with Data Vaults and Star Schema structures.

Here's a quick overview of what was covered:

Connecting to your source data: We created a connector to a SQL Server database to select several source tables.

Creating a fully automated data warehouse: We used the AnalyticsCreator Wizard to specify how to process the metadata from the connector to create a fully automated data warehouse with Data Vaults and Star Schema structures.

Calculating an amount based on satellite data: We created a custom transformation on the level of the relevant business key and calculate an amount based on the satellite data, creating a basic fact table.

Deploying the data warehouse: We deployed the database structures as well as the SSIS packages to a SQL Server.

Ingesting and processing data: We executed the workflow package, which ingested the data from the source tables to the target database and processed it, by historizing the Data Vault structure.

Visualizing data in Power BI: We loaded the star schema to Power BI and plot the calculated amounts in a diagram.

Watch this video get a solid understanding of how to use rapid prototyping to design and implement an agile data warehouse. So, what are you waiting for? Watch the video now and start reaping the benefits of data-driven decision-making!