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AnalyticsCreator: The leading technology that automates the analytics platform lifecycle, driving business value faster.

The Steps:

  1. You register here for a free account.
  2. We will check your request (maximum 24 hours).
  3. You get your login credentials for AnalyticsCreator and the download link for the software with e-mail.
  4. In the e-mail you will find the link to the AnalyticsCreator WIKI. A detailed described step by step approach will help you to create your first project. 
  5. You will have access to detailed training videos.  
  1. You can create also a user in our forum to ask the community.
  2. Your trial period to test AnalyticsCreator is 30 days.
  3. Ask your consulting partner for support
  4. Link to consulting partner.
  5. If you need help for the trial or for any other enquiries contact