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In this knowledgebase you find tutorials and videos how to work with AnalyticsCreator. The community itself grow op this new knowledgebase. If you are interested to add your articele and your style of development a data warehouse with AC, please ask the community mentor.

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Success Stories

BARC Data Management Survey 2019 – highlight document. (DE)
Customers reported in BARCs Data Management Survey that they achieved very good results with AnalyticsCreator.

Dr. Carsten Bange, CEO, BARC Research

AC highly lead us from beginners to experts in our data jurney. (DE)

Ina Rabenbauer, BI Lead, mymuesli

AC bring us to a new level of easy development and maintain our data warehouse. (DE)

Alexander Schätzle, Inhouse Consultant, WAHL GmbH

Success Gasturbinenhersteller aus Deutschland (DE)


AnalyticsCreator product sheet (EN)

AnalyticsCreator Ultrafast Proof of Concept (DE)

AnalyticsCreator Decision Makers sheet sheet (DE)

AnalyticsCreator Software Vendor focused (EN)