Microsoft’s Power BI is one of the most popular Analytics frontends worldwide. In Power BI you have the possibility to design a multidimensional model for analytical proposes and to connect with data sources to the cloud or on premises.

Usually you need some data preparation that you have better data quality, to enrich data with joint sources, to aggregate and pre calculate for better performance issues.

Another extremely relevant point is, that the data historization of the source data should be implemented and stored in a data warehouse, which is not really possible with Power BI. This is the best way to enable timely correct analyses and reports at all. With AnalyticsCreator you design your data model for your analysis proposes and helps you to generate automatically a multiple-layered data warehouse with all loadings thru the layers and Azure Services. The model will be deployed in Azure SQL DB, Azure Analysis Services, Power BI, or also on premises technologies.

With AnalyticsCreator you also have the possibility to connect to tremendous number of data source and deploy also in many other frontend technologies in the same time.

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